Are you looking for support during your pregnancy? Not sure how to cope with this news? This can be a very overwhelming time for you. For the pregnant person, it is full of changes and a loss of control and familiarity with your body, as well as sometimes your emotions and thoughts.

Common assumptions of pregnancy include:

 All pregnancies are planned

 All pregnancies are wanted

 All pregnancies result in a live birth

 Pregnancies bring fulfillment

There are also various assumptions around birth and subsequent parenthood that can be extremely overwhelming, scary and create insecurity. Odyssey Wellness is here to ‘hold space’ for you and your circle as you educate and inform yourself, create plans and process all the changes that are happening.

We are here to support you in all the choices and challenges you may face during your pregnancy. If you are looking for a place that you can ‘feel what you feel’ and be validated on them or need someone to navigate the options and choices that you have, please call and book an appointment today.

We can also provide grief work and support if you experience a miscarriage or loss.