Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders can impact individuals from any culture, age, socioeconomic status, or ethnicity. Approximately 1 in every 5 to 7 moms (or birth parents) will experience some type of PMAD and recent research shows that 1 of every 10 fathers (or birth partners) will experience it as well. Perinatal is considered the time of pregnancy, up until 1 year after birth. PMAD is often coined “Postpartum Depression” but it actually incorporates a spectrum of disorders that can affect parents.

Depression/Anxiety in Pregnancy
Postpartum Depression
Perinatal Panic Disorder
Perinatal Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Postpartum Posttraumatic Stress Disorders
Perinatal Bipolar Disorder
Postpartum Psychosis

PMAD’s often go unresolved and can become quite severe if left unaddressed and untreated. Having a proper assessment and being provided immediate support is imperative to the wellbeing of the parents, baby and family as a whole.

Odyssey Wellness is here to provide you a safe, judgment free space to talk about your thoughts and feelings, your insecurities and fears, as well educate and practice skills in managing your emotions and thoughts. Working together to overcome obstacles and learn to ‘be enough’ and to stop ‘thinking about what others think of you’.

Birth trauma. It is a REAL thing. It is a thing that most parents (because it can affect birth parent AND partner) do not talk about – amongst themselves or others. However, it can become extremely overwhelming and debilitating. Hearing your story, helping you process and come out knowing that you are safe, is a privilege of any therapist or counselor. Talking about it and finding support among peers, and others who have experienced it as well, is one of the most effective interventions in letting go and growing from your trauma. If you are interested in learning more or are looking for a competent and trained therapist to help, you are in the right place.

Always remember: “You are not alone. You are not to blame. With help, you will be well” (