Research shows that LGBT people have higher rates of mental health challenges than the general population LGBT people often struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma and self-acceptance as a result of facing ongoing discrimination over their lifetimes. LGBT youth are about three to four times as likely to attempt suicide as their peers. There is evidence that these higher rates of mental health challenges are due to heightened and long-term exposure of LGBT people to societal and institutional prejudice and discrimination. Having support in life is immensely important to a person's mental health and overall well-being. LGBT people unquestionably experience long-term stress related to their sexual orientation or gender identity. They often internalize the negative messages about being different. These messages become beliefs that can fester and develop into two struggles: shame about who they are and what they feel, and guilt about what they do.

Individuals who identify as trans*/non-binary/gender fluid are even more at risk. (excerpt from

At Odyssey Wellness services, we are here to support you in a safe and nonjudgmental space and can help you manage how you feel and interact with the world. We can also facilitate system navigation, receiving proper care, education around transition options and steps, as well as writing letters of support for Hormone Replacement Therapy and Gender Affirming Surgery.